-5000 | A Time Before the World Began

Long before The Gods of El-Rah came into existence, long before the cosmic entities created the realm of El-Rah there existed a forest. A grove known as the Wandering Woods. It floated through the cosmos occasionally pressing against the walls of other realms allowing its people to explore the many realms the woods came into contact with.

One day these woods while drifting became pressed between two already established realms. The realms pressed so tightly together that the woods became a bridge between the realms, the suns of each of these realms colliding to become one. The woods remained stuck in this position for many years. The inhabitants of the outer realms eventually discovered these woods, passing through them to explore this new realm that they were now joined too.

As time passed, the outer realms grew fond of one another, the people in each formed relationships, sired children and they lived in harmony for many years. All the while the people of the woods watch as these people went about their lives, remaining hidden. The three worlds lived in harmony for many years until they did not. A war broke out between the outer worlds. A war that nearly destroyed the woods. It was a war so destructive and horrible that the walls between the realms began to shatter. Eventually the conflict grew so great that the worlds once again became seperate, the sun that had kept them warm for so long was separated once again into its original three. The outer realms each having their own sun returned to them. But the sun that had once belonged to the woods was lost in the conflict, it burned away in the cosmos burning the bridges of the world apart and vanishing from existence.

With their sun lost forever and the worlds separated the woods became devoid of light and everything slowly began to die. The rulers of the woods two powerful cosmic entities created an artificial sun to sustain the woods once again. Although this artificial sun kept everything alive, it slowly corrupted the world as the magic used to create it drained the rulers of compassion and love leaving them with nothing but malice and hatred for the people who cursed them into this existence. Without their compassion the world itself became corrupt. The people of the woods slowly died and faded into nothing. Eventually only the rulers of this empty wood remained, through their corrupted eyes they saw fit to raise an army to take back the world and light they lost. They called back the souls of their fallen kin, binding them to the elements of the forest to create vile creatures the world would come to know as the first demons.

With their new army born, the rulers put a spell over the entire realm, they dismissed the sun they created long ago and as it dissipated into nothing it put the realm to sleep. The demons of the forest would not waken from this sleep until the day the woods once again pressed against the walls of another realm.