0318 | Fortune Strikes

The People of Grimgate had a large surprise in-store for them this cycle.

One day towards the end of the Plentiful a large tear opened in the realm and through it poured the minds, bodies and spirits of people, and monsters alike. El-Rah was forever changed on this day, what was once a realm free of monsters and corruption had its cosmic scales tipped into imbalance by the People and Creatures who arrived from a place called Fortunes Bay.

Bringing with them all manner of creatures and troubles the other-worldly travelers made their home in the town which they arrived attempting to make recompense for the damage they had caused by coming to this land. First a Rah-Kah made its presence known, a special breed that was changed on its way between realms a rah-kah part raven, part dragon. This creature was vengeful and powerful, it slowly began to wreak havoc on the village. Eventually through the Graces of Mosath he saw fit to bring a new champion into the world, he resurrected a fallen warrior from the other world as his sword on the plain of El-Rah. Auros Creed was able to help defeat the Rah-Kah with the the power bestowed on him by Mosath.

The troubles of Grimgate were still far from over, another soul from the other realm picked up a spiritual companion in their journey through the void between worlds. Bringing with them the Seven Sins which the gods had attempted to hold at bay since the worlds creation. One by one the Sins attacked and attempted to corrupt the people of Grimgate and by extension the world of El-Rah. They were unsuccessful thanks to the united efforts of the people.

But still more trouble lie afoot, an unseen force is gathering in Grimgate, the godly artifacts are being brought together, but who could be the puppet master pulling the strings?