0300 | Sealed Away

For 50 years the Children of the Forest roamed the lands of El-Rah causing chaos as they destroyed the natural balance of the world. Finally in the year 300 Fathkah stepped in, offering the Children of the Forest a final warning. When it was met with ignorance and more violence, he once again summoned the Dragons of El-Rah to battle back the forces of chaos. Locking them back in their realm of eternal darkness and sealing the door with ancient magic written in the blood of El-Rahs fallen.

These “Demons” as the people of El-Rah had taken to calling them were locked away, forced out of El-Rah and back into the darkness for disrupting the balance. Any who were not locked away were slaughtered and once again the balance of the world began to fall back into alignment. With their task completed once more Fathkah returned the dragons to their posts until they were needed once again.

With the demons locked back in their Realm Fathkah then summoned, each of the gods to the gateway between the worlds to add their powers to the seal on the door, cloaking it from Mortal eyes.