0300 | Festival of Wings

Once the Hyperion Portal had opened and the people of the Everglade and El-Rah began became acquainted with each other, a small town began to develop around the portal where the people of the Everglade would trade with the Mortals of El-Rah.

Within 50 years of the Portals appearance the town had turned into a large fortified city. Over the following fifty years it turned into a vast and beautiful haven. The city blossomed and grew, peoples from all across El-Rah gathered there to live, trade, and study. While it continued to grow its people ensured that the beauty of the land was not tarnished by the growth of the city especially around the portal itself. A forest still surrounds the portal and the land remained wild and beautiful, the city itself works with the land and ensures that the beauty of El-Rah is preserved not destroyed.

As of the year 300 the city had reached it’s full beauty, and each year on the anniversary of the appearance of the Hyperion Portal, a huge Festival  would overrun the city with colourful lanterns dazzling displays of magic in a display of celebration for the Fae who brought people together and created a paradise and safe place for all in El-Rah.

While the city still has its issues with crime and the like, for the most part the city is well respectful of everyone in it.