0200 | The Hyperion Portal

As the Plentiful of the year 0200 began the world of El-Rah experienced an Anomaly it had never seen before. A great ripple of magic erupted from the the centre of El-Rah betwixt the five petrified dragons. This magic was felt all across the realm and people come from all around to see what had caused it.

For several weeks at the centre of the world the citizens of El-Rah watch as magic transpired as lighting and shot outwards in wide arcs lighting up the sky with an array of colours It was on the First night of The Decay that something changed. The people of El-Rah had grown accustomed to the night sky being lit with sparks and flashes of colour but on this night something different transpired. The sky began to glow as a great many rays of light shot forth from the centre of the realm. The light pierced through the darkness in what seemed like an endless stream of colour and power. Until eventually it gave way and in its place an Armillary Sphere stood. At its centre a swirling vortex of magic.

Over the coming days people from all across El-Rah once again gathered to see this anomaly, and as they watched humanoid figures began to walk forth from the sphere as they exited its confines they transformed into people who the citizens of El-Rah first believe to be elves. They were soon corrected by who appeared to be the ruler of these people a young man who declared his race the Fae. They had heard tales of the prosperous land of El-Rah and had come to live amongst its people.

Many of the Fae came through this portal on that day, creating lives for themselves in a new land, however an unforeseen consequence arose in those who ventured into El-Rah for extended periods of time. They found that the portal between their realms would no longer recognise them as Fae. The realm of El-Rah had sought to balance the new magic that was brought to the land by the Fae and in doing so prevented free crossing between the realms to ensure that the magics of two lands did not combine and throw the multiverse into disarray.

While the Hyperion Portal to the Everglade would always stand at the centre of El-Rah, those who crossed were forced to stay for the remainder of their life. Many Fae still chose to come to the realm of El-Rah where new adventures awaited them. But many stayed behind unwilling to give up their ancestral home.