0151 | An Order of Worship

Following the events of the Hundred Year War, an unsteady peace was met between the races of El-Rah. As time progressed, this peace began to stabilise as the vastly different peoples of the lands joined together in arranging all manner of agreements in trade, law and kinship.

Among the various alliances and clans formed, was a group known simply as the Order of Worship. This group, formed from people of all races and creeds, was unanimous in its desire to worship and praise the gods of El-Rah – Not only in their efforts to stop the Hundred Year War, but to create and shape the very land itself.

Within the Order of Worship exist sects devoted specifically to each god, major or minor, praising their aid in the creation of El-Rah, though it is not to any one specific god that devotees are inclined to celebrate. Members of the Order of Worship are advised that although certain gods did undertake individual roles in the creation of the land, the Order of Worship functions as a group of worship for all the gods of El-Rah as a whole.

“We thank Macchia for the growth of tree and seed

Athmos for the ground beneath our feet,

Bajeed for the bounty of harvest plenty

And Mosaths arrival with the Empty.

Father Fathkah, keep our time

to ensure that we may stay in-line”

A common prayer, issued before most meals by Devotees