The Obsidian Chronicles: El-Rah
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Orcs are said to come together under the banner of their clans Warchief to do battle. Often orcs are misunderstood to be the cause of many great wars. In truth many orcs seek only to work to become great and powerful magic users, earning them the titles of either mage, plane wanderer and warlock based on their skill. Orc magic is regarded as “savage” by the other races.

Warlocks are disciplined to learn of the natural magic and the “life force” of the land which they are taught to use to create energy and in the records of the first Orc Warlock Gramazge (grr-mazz-gee) it states: “The smallest spark can light the largest fire”.

The orcs are a very reclusive race, when not part of a “War band” or “Earthshaking”. This leaves a great deal of information on the day to day orc life, orc government and the intense training of the orc warlocks to remain unknown to other races. Wandering mercenaries are not willing to talk of their homes but will happily talk of their slaying of great beasts and drunken nights alike.

The origins of the first orcs are too this day still extremely vague.  Each of the races have different beliefs of their origins:

Elves: The elves talk of the orcs as “horrid creatures” and “demonic spawn” when speaking of them. Any elves who speak of orcs in a good manner only does so under hesitant breath and away from the ear of those untrusted. The elves believe that the orcs were once a group of elves who lived among the first born in a border community and that greed and power caused them to leave their culture and even their agency into the hands of powerful artifacts which warped minds and body into the creatures that the elves see this day. The elves are often well versed in history when it comes to the origin of their kind so this tale is taken as the best account of the orcs

Humans: Many humans have had dealing with orcs, more than often involved in combat or friendly tavern room brawls with less than friendly discussion tavern owner after the fact. Humans have always been uneasy around orcs which has been ingrained by the fathers and mothers who tell tales of the big, scary orcs who pillage and plunder towns for their own enjoyment. The humans do have a story about a small population of orcs who do not seem to show great aggression but seem very quiet and only speak in small phrases. Many well-known heroes in the land talk about these orcs as “wearing their silence as a burning coal, only allowing the fire to rage when desired”

Fae: The Fae in the small time in this dimension have seen great things from the orcs which they regard as “big humans with teeth of the beasts” from the great intensity of the thrill of battle to the wild boastfulness of tavern talk

Dwarfs: The orcs to the dwarfs are nothing but undisciplined “farming cattle” who lack the fortitude to craft and create but will often butt heads over the last of the ale. There exists a story of a travelling dwarf and orc who seek battle and fame throughout the land hoping to craft the greatest armour known to el-rah but not much account to these tales are said to be true. The dwarfs have shown care for orcs as dwarfs believe that “A friend is one who drinks with us and fights with us….. But a good friend is one who can compete and beat us in these things”

Beast-born: The beast-born have always been seen as outsiders and “impure” in the eyes of the other races exact by the orcs, although they do not always see eye to eye, the orcs see the wisdom in the strength of the large beast born to the wisdom and vision of the most clever of the beast-born. There exist a story of a feline beast-born who became the first non-orc to learn the hidden knowledge of the orcs which is regarded as the greatest of the war band fighters but never continue on to lead or seek glory