The Obsidian Chronicles: El-Rah
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Beastborn are a curious race, in the way that nearly every individual is unique in their form and attributes. These people show strong connections to nature and the arcane through their magical and spiritual connection to the natural world around them. This tie to the surrounding world allows Beastborn individuals to alter aspects of their form to that of an animal.

Often, Beastborn toe a fine line between the sentience and intelligence of humanity, and the instinctive, bestial nature bestowed upon them. Occasionally, this can result in unpredictable behaviour on the behalf of those with the gift- whether it be involuntary ticks such as growling or howling at the moon, or it be major lapses in humanity through partial or even full beast transformations. This level of unpredictability has done little to ease the minds of the other races, often resulting in a level of distrust and suspicion, or even fear directed at the Beastborn as a race.

Those with the powers of the Beastborn seem to have varying control over both their powers and animal instincts. Some Beastborn, if seen in public, would appear no different to another member of their respective race. These Beastborn would appear to have a great amount of control over their physical form, potentially presenting little or no immediate animalistic features. As Beastborn are often treated with suspicion or even disgust throughout El-Rah, the choice of retaining a mainly humanoid form would be a choice most common for those with the desire assimilate into wider society.

On the other hand, there exists Beastborn who embrace their animalistic nature – those who would willingly chose to present major features of their respective animal. This could come in the form of horns, claws, gills, fangs, or any other trait of their nature. Often, those who would willingly embrace their gift are highly in-tune with nature, and highly skilled with their abilities. This includes retaining a certain level of human intelligence and sentience- at the least, enough to be able to speak the common tongue.