The Obsidian Chronicles: El-Rah
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God Info:
Domain: Death
Parent: Mosath
Type: Minor

When Mosath brought death to the world of El-Rah, he realised it’s importance. Without death, the world would quickly become overgrown and unfit for life. In bringing death to the mortal races, he performed a necessary evil, but one that still weighed heavily upon him. Fearing his guilt might distract him from his godly duties, he sired a goddess of his own to share the burden with. Taking the last breaths of all the lives he had ended, he gathered their essence into a single entity, who became Abselthe, the goddess of death. It is she who ensures that those who have reached their time die, and that those who die stay dead. She performs this task not out of cruelty or malice, but out of care, for without her performing her grim task, El-Rah would fall into chaos. So day after day she makes her macabre walk across the world, collecting the souls of those who die and carrying them gently to The Tower and into the afterlife.

Appearance: She has been likened to the image of a widow shrouded in black, with her head bowed beneath a cowl. She carries a torch in hand to hold the darkness at bay and to guide the departed spirits to the afterlife.