Mosath, Lord of the Decay – Mosath’s dominion is over the last season in the great cycle. Bringing about death in the understanding that with death comes new life. Though seemingly cold Mosath looks with favour upon his followers. He relishes epic battles and prefers champions who fight with honour and skill. Mosath’s symbol is the sickle which is also the weapon he carries with him. He does not expect fancy rituals or gluttonous feasts from his followers for his coming marks the time when things are to be used sparsely in preparation for the Empty. However, Mosath does appreciate fealty from his followers and looks kindly on those who kneel upon his arrival. To Mosath, actions speak louder than words and those who are honourable and accept that life is sometimes sad and messy do well to follow his guidance. Some people believe that the people who worship Mosath have a cynical view of the world, but they would argue that they just see the world for how it really is. Regardless, Mosath’s followers are unswerving in their loyalty and they look forward to the day that Mosath comes for them.