Macchia, Spirit of the Growth – As the first growth began in the empty of the world Macchia brought into existence the animals, creatures, monsters and the common races and upon seeing such life in an this new world was exceedingly glad. Macchia showed these common races even in their primitive state how to use and wield the forces of the world. It is from Macchia’s teachings that the first of the common races gained the ability to manipulate the currents and forces of the realm known to these common races as magic. Macchia’s symbol is that of a hand, with a ring on the 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers representing the Mind, Body and Soul. In some versions of his symbol Macchia also has a ring on his index or 2nd finger, it is said that only when the paths of the body mind and soul unite and work as one will the final path be revealed to you. Many of Macchia’s followers have dedicated their lives to achieving harmony between the three paths to unlock the secret of his final path. Macchia wields a dagger which is also utilized as a conduit for channeling magic.