Lepin was one of the first of the human kind to walk El-Rah.

Throughout his childhood Lepin was bullied and teased for his small and weak appearance in a world of hunting for survival. He was eventually shunned from his village of warriors and left to wander the world on his own.

One day in his travels Lepin happened across an injured rabbit about to be attacked by a paid of wild cats. Lepin charged forward and protected the Rabit from being killed and eaten. Lepin saw himself in the rabbit a small person struggling to make his way in the world which spured him into these actions.

The Rabbit that Lepin saved was actually Bajeed walking the mortal realm in one of her creations, injured by Macchia in their battle over the changing of the seasons. Bajeed revealed herself to Lepin and for his kindness and compassion granted him immortality and allowed him to ascend to the tower as Lepin – Guardian of Rabbits.

Lepin was tasked with protecting the small and defenceless creatures of the world.