Fathkah came to the realm of El-Rah before the beginning of the first cycle. He created “The Tower” home of the gods and portal between El-Rah and the after-realms. Fathkah is the god of Magic and Time and it is his sworn duty to ensure that the realm of El-Rah remains in balance, he does this by maintaining peace between the gods of each season, Athoms, Macchia, Bajeed and Mosath. Whilst ever peace is maintained the each season will come to pass in the correct order and the realm remains balanced.

When building the tower, Fathkah first created the after-realms. They would serve as the afterlife for the people of El-Rah when their time amongst the living came to an end. Two different after-realms exist. The realm of Vastille was where those who had done wrong in their life were sent, and the realm of Egrolas where those who helped the world and its people to prosper were sent.

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