Drasilla the Crone

Drasilla is known to many in the land of El-Rah as the Avenger of the Unjustly Slaughtered. Those who believe in her say that Drasilla was born in a time of wrong doings and injustice and was herself slain before her time had come to its natural end due to the selfish actions of a greedy man.

Her followers believe that she hears the cry of those who have been the victim of unjust murders, the family and friends of those who have been struck down. Drasilla’s followers believe that in times when innocent blood is spilled she will speak to Mosath and beg him to intervene and if he believes her words have just reasoning he will come down to earth and intervene on her behalf. Drasilla is the patron of mothers and the partners of those who go to war for they are the ones who suffer the most from the unjust deaths of their loved ones.