Bajeed, Mother of Plenty. Bajeed’s dominion is over the third season in the great cycle. Her appearance brings about a time of great abundance, wealth and prosperity to the Realm of El-Rah. She is a magnanimous god, who is known to present offerings to her people rather then accept them. To her followers she is known as “The Great Mother” although Bajeed considers all the realms children to be her own, not just those who worship. Her followers are divided into two groups, those who believe in the importance of generosity and helping others and those who believe in helping themselves who hoard great wealth without the thought of sharing, it is unknown wether Bajeed favours either side over the other. During the season of plenty there is little to no suffering from starvation or cold, as she watches over them with care. The sigil of Bajeed is a pitcher with water flowing freely from it. Bajeed’s pitcher is said to contain water taken straight from the clouds circling the tallest keeps of “The Tower”. Bajeed carries with her a pitcher of water, lifeblood of the earth, she gifts it to the common folk of El-Rah, the water from her pitcher is said to cure all ills and heal the soul.