Races of El-Rah: Fae

The Fae of El-Rah are native to the realm of the Everglade a realm that exists between all the other worlds in the multiverse. The Everglade is a peaceful place free of monsters and beasts. It exists as a portal realm, the Everglade contains portals to every realm in existence however most of these are closed off. Fae are able to visit these closed realms only when children dream. A Fae can enter the dreams of these sleeping children allowing them to temporarily walk in other realms. In some cases though these portals are open, like is the case with the Hyperion Portal in El-Rah. Within the town of Hyperion in the Everglade the portal to El-Rah stands giving the portal the name of Hyperion. When the Fae first came to El-Rah a town was constructed around this portal which also took up the name of Hyperion. Fae can only exist outside of the Everglade for a short period of time. Remaining in another realm for an extended period of time will sever their connection to the Everglade preventing them from returning without great effort and suffering.

There are several kinds of Fae that exist within the Everglade:

High Fae – Comprised of the royal bloodlines of the Fae kingdoms, these Fae are proud, refined and dignified people who believe themselves to be of a higher caliber to other Fae.

Woodland/Common Fae – Comprised of commoner Fae, they are born of the realm itself, they draw their power from the plants and trees around them. They are highly in-tune with nature and as such are more powerful when nature thrives. Woodland Fae are playful and mischievous in nature and enjoy playing pranks, Woodland Fae are the most common Fae found in the Everglade and El-Rah.

Sea/Mer Fae – A unique race of Fae that inhabit the lakes and streams of the Everglade, a type of water nymph who ensure that the lakes and stream continue to flow, they are able to swim between the different realms of the multiverse. Sea Fae unlike other Fae cannot survive out of water for long periods of time, remaining out of a body of water for extended time will result in their death. It is said that when a river or stream dries up it is because the Sea/Mer Fae that was the guardian of this particular lake or Stream has died.

Dark Fae – Unique even among Fae kind, Dark Fae are not born naturally. Dark Fae are created when any other type of Fae corrupts themselves and in turn their magic. Due to the nature in which these Fae are created up until the year 1018 there was only a single known Dark Fae. With the arrival of the people from Fortunes Bay a second Dark Fae was created. Dark Fae are unlike any other Fae, the corruption of their magic allows them to access power from all the realms in the multiverse however this imbalance of power is seen as an affront to the balance of the realms and a decree was issues that Dark Fae were not permitted to leave the Everglade. Dark Fae despite the corruption of their magic are not inherently evil they are called Dark Fae only because they have dimmed the light that is inside every Fae through the corruption of themselves.

History of the Fae

The Days of Shadow

The Day of Shadow, sometimes referred to as “The Darkening” was a day when a creature escaped from the dreams of a child into the Everglade. Something that was thought to

be impossible, this creature was able to follow a Fae back through one of the dream portals. The hulking beast of shadows and claws began reeking havoc on the Everglade, dimming the light of many Fae. This was the first great slaughter of many Fae kin. Eventually the beast was slain but not before the beast was able to take the life the then crowned prince of the Everglade.

FaeGuard Crest

It was henceforth decided the Fae needed a line of defense should something like this occur again. On that day the first Fae

guard was formed. The Fae who managed to slay the beast a woman named “Deema” was made head of the first Fae guard and given the title “Breath of the World”. This event also marked the first occasion of a common Fae ascending to become a High Fae through means other than marriage. Deema had her work cut out for her, she traveled between the many Fae villages seeking the strongest and most able bodied Fae to form the Guard and hand them a magical crest that would allow them to enter the training realm of the Fae Guard.

Eventually a secondary branch of the Guard was formed, The “Custodia Regis” or Kings guard. The Royal Family would select the best of the best and assign them the responsibility of guarding the royal family.

After joining the Custodia Regis, Fae were sent into intensive training for several months before they were tasked with undertaking the “Breve de Praesidium” or Writ of Protection. This graduate of the Royal guard would be assigned a protege from the Royal Guard, one who was yet to graduate, an emergency portal and would be sent to a realm the Fae called the Underglade.  The Underglade was a realm that mirrored the Everglade but instead of being populated by Fae was populated by Monsters of Shadow who fed on light. They would be tasked with protecting this protege for one month, without aid. If they survived the month without using their emergency portal then they were knighted as part of the Custodia Regis. Should they fail and use the emergency portal, they were returned to the Fae guard and were only permitted to retake the final test in the next Cycle.

The Fae king would select the most proficient of the Custodia Regis and assign them the job of being their personal guard.