Wolfram Ironside

Basic Info
Name:  Wolfram Ironside
Gender:  Male
Age:  20
Race:  Human
Status: Alive
Player:  Hamilton Hall


I was born and raised in Imperial city . There I lived a soft uneventful city life coming as I did from a middle class merchant family. My father had traveled a lot in his youth before I was born but now had grown weary of always traveling and wanted to settle down to find a safe place to raise a family. I however was still young and eager for adventure and wanted to see the world. Once I reached the age of twelve years I would often foray into the neighboring woods. to allay the boredom of the city. As the woods even in that civilized part of myrium still harboured wild beasts and robbers .I often brought along a hound and a club to keep me safe on these solitary marches.Then when I reached the age of eighteen I grew even more weary of the dull city life for I had heard from listening to traders and seamen that a wider world lay beyond the sea where a young man of mettle could find fame and fortune. For by then I had taken to frequenting the port of imperial city. It was then that I decided that if there was a wider world out there then I was going to see it before I grew grey hairs. So at the age of eighteen and a half I had a mighty sword forged for me as the club while it might offer some protection against a roving unarmed or lightly armed thief it was no good against a more formidable foe be it man or beast.Having gained a mighty sword I then attired myself in the best garments I could afford, bade my parents farewell telling them I was going out into the world to seek fortune and adventure and took passage on the next merchant ship leaving Imperial city. The voyage was hard as storms pushed against the ship and the very gods of the sky themselves seemed like they were against us.In the end the intended six month voyage took 18 months and the food and water supplies were only made to last to the end of the voyage by strict rationing. I came ashore at Queen’s landing in Van deamons province .There it was certainly wilder than Imperial city. The settlement consisted of. fifteen to twenty ramshackle wooden houses with only two businesses a tavern and a greengrocers .
It was there I saw magic used against someone for the first time.An undead and a dwarf were having a dispute over a bottle of wine in the tavern. It seemed the dwarf had stolen the undead’s bottle . Then the undead blasted the dwarf with fire .Soon he was dead beyond healing.After seeing this accursed sight I hastened out of the tavern and inquired as to when the next land caravan would be leaving.A guard in the town informed me that a caravan of thirty horses and one dozen mules would be leaving at first light. for a place called fortune’s bay. Figuring that the bay sounded a good place to live after all it even had the name fortune. I booked a place on the caravan spending my last gold piece in the process. As I was feeling the worse for drink and did not wish to miss the caravan I spent the night in one of the wagons. By the time I awoke we had left civilization far behind and apart from a hermit’s hovel of charcoal burners hut here and there there was no sign that any intelligent race had come this way since the world began. After six months on the road during which I saw many amazing sights including my first beast man we arrived at the town of fortune.Thinking the company friendly and accommodating and surrounds wild yet secure at the time I decided to stay for a while and see what life in Fortune’s bay might bring