Theo Navalli

Basic Info
Name: Theo Navalli
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Player: Ryan Grace


Born and raised in a hut surviving of the land, living a peaceful secluded life filled mostly by joy, and the occasional beast. The ones that got a little to close where bravely scared off by Danagen and Elizer Navalli (ex adventures who settled down with each other after she rescued him from his own stupidity and arrogance.) Theo and his brother Radael where happy. On nights that were too hot for sleeping the family gathered under the night sky and the boys listened to their parents stories of adventure and excitement. Life was great until Danagen went into town a trimonthly trip to tend to letters and possibly trade their extra stock and didn’t return. Refusing to believe his father died Theo wanted to set out to find him, this clashed opinions with his older brother who suggested the needed to stay and look after their grieving mother. when he left he did so to his brother shouting he better not return.