Teela Nalora

Basic Info
Name:  Teela Nalora
Gender:  Female
Age:  14
Race:  Human
Status: Alive
Player:  Tea Barton


I come from a far land, known as… Well. It’s a secret. How I came to this world is by birth of corse, but I wasn’t with my true parents for… My whole life really and I was adopted into a family.. Let’s say it didn’t go very well and same with all the family’s I was adopted into. This went on for years and all they wanted was a fair lady out of me. That isn’t what they got. I love to seek out adventure! Even if I could die, but as I was saying, I just love to get my hands dirty! I never got to be myself in these silly fancy family’s, but finally I got free from them fancy people and ready to start my new days as a adventure!