Seraphine Pennington

Basic Info
Name: Seraphine Pennington
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Human
Status: Deceased
Player: Emrys Joy


She fled her abusive parents, hiding on board the first ship she could hoping it would take her away. Eventually she was discovered by pirates when they attacked the ship. They took her on board their own vessel, The Golden Dragon. Over the course of two years she worked her way from their cabin girl and cleaner to the position of first mate. She has been serving on board ship for three years as of her time of arrival at Fortune. Her captain fell deeply ill and she went ashore to search for a physician to tend to him. When she returned she found her captain dead, slaughtered by the crew who had decided to hold a mutiny. She fled the vessel distraught at the death of her captain, her friend. She began to wonder aimlessly through the world, looking for somewhere new to live and fight for.