Oliver Yalisman

Basic Info
Name: Oliver Yalisman
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Player: Aran Lyons


An escapee of a horrid regime comprised of child militia ruled by a ruthless and reckless tyrant by the name of Jhorgen Tharmivon, Oliver Yalisman left his poverty-ridden family behind in fear of dying in needless battle at the young, vulnerable age of 9. It wasn’t until a year and a half later that he returned to find tragedy in the small community he grew up in known as Ardenshire. Completely razed to the ground amidst the dirt and ash, Oliver was unable to find any signs of life including his family’s, nor any signs of who may have perpetrated this atrocity.

This dastardly act of villainy sparked a fire within Oliver, wishing to find those who destroyed the village he left behind, he aims to avenge their deaths and any others these villains may have caused among the way. Learning the art of swordplay in the colosseum under the tutelage of a well renowned duellist, “Edrazio Sinclair,” Oliver stays with him for nine years honing his skills before setting out on his own, still intent on his original goal.

It has been four years since completing his training with his old master, and Oliver’s search has governed little avail. Growing up believing himself to be scum for abandoning his family like a coward, Oliver wishes to right his wrongs and vows to never flee from his loved ones again.