Marros Vadrin

Basic Info
Name:  Marros Vadrin
Gender:  Male
Age:  25
Race:  Human
Status: Deceased
Player:  Brody Wilson


Marros was born in the slums of Brimstone to a single mother, from an early age he worked in hard labor on a wage that was to little to cover food. He did this all to help his emotionally broken mother with the family finances. Not much longer later Marros’ mother became deathly ill, this lead him to turning to a guild of assassins at the age of 12 in hopes of keeping her alive. At the age of 16 Marros was caught and sent to prison with a life sentence.

Two years latter Marros was bailed out of prison by a dwarven priest of Drasilla the Crone, from here he devoted his life to becoming a holy knight of Drasilla in order to destroy the guild who turned its back on him when he was caught.