Lodovicus Tzamarias

Basic Info
Name: Lodovicus Tzamarias
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Fae
Status: Alive
Player: Lewis Hackfath


Born in the midst of war Lodovicus wanted nothing more than to explore his surroundings and learn more of the world and the magic, of which he was born into.

At a young age Lodovicus discovered his innate magical abilities during an argument with his parents over his disregard of the war and foregoing his training to explore and have fun, his anger caused the magical spark ingrained in all Draken to ignite itself and make itself known to the world. He did eventually learn to focus this anger and harness the magic he was born with during the few training sessions he attended along with the basics of single handed combat.

Throughout his childhood Lodovicus did show signs of the anger and ferociousness associated with Draken kind when provoked or tempted by something which he wanted for himself, but on a whole seemed content to learn and enjoy life and managed to keep this under control.

With his coming of age he was given a choice of either following in the footsteps of his parents and kind in continuing their violent, destructive ways or to be exiled from his clan and give up his claim to the throne of his people to live life on his own. Choosing the latter led him to Turrin Bar, and his journey to the new world. Jumping at the opportunity that had presented itself to him and eager to start this new adventure and learn more of the creatures, people, magic and skills in the world afar from his home land he set off on what was sure to be an exciting and new adventure in Fortunes bay.

During his time in Fortune, Lodovicus was trapped in alternative future where he witnessed much horror by the people of fortune, when he returned it had changed him, he also noticed that while trapped in the alternative reality the alternative version of himself was trapped in his own timeline. This led the people of Fortune to be mistrustful of Lodovicus and so he left returning home to once again become the prince of his people.

Some time later a strange anomaly occurred the very fabric of reality was ripping apart, and the world was beginning to crumble. In a last ditch effort to save the world, an extremely powerful ritual was put together that would undo all the magic that Lodovicus had inflicted upon to world.  There were consequences of this ritual, all who had been touched by that same magic were ripped from the world.

Lodovicus has awakened in a strange new land, his horns are gone and the magic of the world is different. Where could he be and where does he go from here?