James Blackadder

Basic Info
Name:  James Blackadder
Gender:  Male
Age:  5038
Race:  Human
Status: Alive
Player:  SImon Dacron


James Blackadder was born in a realm outside of El-Rah, traveling here in the Great Cataclysm of 0318. James has lived for over 5000 years despite the lifespan of a human being only a hundred years or so. In his early years he learned the secret to prolonging life and did so for many years until his brain was corrupted and the knowledge lost to him.

James after forgetting much of his past came to be known as James son of John.

James came to the Land of El-Rah with the other refugees of Fortunes Bay after the world began collapsing around them, upon arriving in Grim Gate James’ past self began to resurface and had to be locked away by the Arch Mage Lodovicus Tzamarias who had in the past released Blackadder at James’ request.

Although Blackadder has been locked back away the spell will not hold forever, Blackadder wants his control back and he will do anything to get it. The Battle for James’ Soul is only just beginning.