Dante Altor

Basic Info
Name:  Dante Altor
Gender:  Male
Age:  27
Race:  Human
Status: Alive
Player:  Noah Mackie


I was born in the year 273 in the small Village of Mountain’s foot named so as it was located at the bottom of the tallest mountain in El-Rah. My Father was a hunter and owner of a sawmill. My Mother ran the sawmill. I am the oldest in my family followed by my twin brother Mavhe, my sister Opal, and the youngest child Nuki. My family was well off as we sold the wood we chopped and the fur of the animals we killed to the army as the world was still at war with the demons. My father would go weekly to the each of the kingdoms to sell our workmanship. One day when i was 12, Mavhe started acting weird and not like himself, he talked in different languages and possessed powerful magic. My parents didn’t know what was wrong so they sought help in other settlements. They came across a Elf who was able to help Mavhe. His name was Admenor Beiran. He told us that Mavhe was possessed by the spirit and that it would take at most a week to exorcise it. During his time with us i asked him about the manor of what he does. this started my fascination into occult which includes things such as demons and evil spirits, powerful curses, holy and demonic weapons and legends etc. After Admenor exorcised the spirits from Mavhe and left to continue in the fight against the demons i started going with my dad to all the kingdoms to study occult. When I was sixteen i left home to fully devote myself to study of such things. Though my years i performed countless exorcisms, killed and banished demons, spoke to angels, and performed powerful magic. When i was 22 i found Admenor again and he mentored me in powerful things such as summoning magic and large scale necromancy. At age 27 i had finished my study’s with Admenor, and was helping direct the final battle against the demons with Admenor, other occult mages i had meant in my life and the dragons. During the end of the battle i was caught by one of the most powerful demons chains and he tried to pull me though with him back to his realm. i was able to break but was still pulled through and ended up being thrown adrift between worlds where i started to lose the knowledge i once had for powerful rituals and the like as i was unable to practice them while adrift. i remand there unable to return home. i was also untouched by time, not knowing what was in store for me next.