Athen Mallery

Basic Info
Name:  Athen Mallery
Gender:  Male
Age:  25
Race:  Human
Status: Alive
Player:  Chad Mackie


Growing up in the town of South Glogwut I lived as an only child of my parents to whom I cared deeply for. Sadly my parents were struck down
by a wandering band of eight strange men who were only identified by marking on their face of a crumbled tower and the presence of. The men laughed as they leaned over my dead parent’s body telling me that I should run and keep on running

So I did

I ran and ran till I could run no more. after wandering aimlessly for many weeks I found my way to the large city of Forgeborn however it was more commonly known as the city of blood and steel with the creation of many of the weapons for the hundred year war and the cities central location leading to many sellswords making their home here. I quickly learned that no one cared for yet another street rat so
I begged for most of my young life until I was subject to other boys moving in and beating me to keep me away from the streets. It was after one of these beatings that I found Garek.

Garek nursed me back to health and ask if I wished to be a Beggar the rest of my life

After recovering I served as a pickpocket and Garek trained me in the ways of street fighting, daggers, and the ways of moving without being seen

After many years I grew to become a well-known thief but Garek wished better of me so we moved into the business of sellswords and worked for our drinks and dinners. It was during this time that I and Garek separated as we moved down our new paths.

The work of a sellsword taught me many three things

  1. Always weight up your target, know more than they known and never let on that you know
  2. Always be ready for the situation to change
  3. And finally, the world is cruel… So…very….cruel