Asterocus Evergreen

Basic Info
Name: Asterocus Evergreen
Gender: Genderfluid
Age: 436
Race: Fae
Status: Alive
Player: Emrys Joy


Recent past (Last 5 years)
Asterocus has continued monster hunting, as of three years ago they have been fighting and travelling alongside their lover, Lillian Carter. However shortly before coming to Grimgate, and one of Asterocus’ catalysts for trying to find a new home, was the departure of Lillian from their life. Lillian had left Asterocus for a new partner, Alexander Simmonet an advisor to a local lord in the kingdom of Brathmorden.

This happened merely a month before their appearance in Grimgate.

Asterocus’ other reason for coming to Grimgate was the rumours of another realm connecting with El-Rah, but hearing nothing of any dangers it did not place it as a priority, until now.

Medium Past (118 years to 6 years ago)
Asterocus was part of the Custodia Regis whom escorted the ruler of the fae to their first meeting with the people of El-Rah. Shortly after this meeting they approached the head of the Custodia Regis and requested transfer to an exploratory division so that they could see El-Rah. After many years of exploring with a group of researchers (Dromar – the head researcher and one of Asterocus’s best friends, Merin – Dromar’s apprentice, Alex – the groups’ human guide and one of Asterocus’s ex lovers, Luca – A beastborn healer that taught Asterocus the magic of El-Rah, Korak – an orcish herbalist and cook who taught Asterocus about potions and plants, Toran – The other Fae guard, Mina – The groups’ ranger and scout) and growing very close, the Children of the Forest came. The band of explorers were among the first victims, all were slaughtered including Asterocus. Determined to avenge their friends, Asterocus was granted a second chance by their favoured god, Athoms. When they were resurrected Asterocus vowed to avenge their fallen friends and destroy as many of the Demons as possible. For many years they fought until eventually being captured, after six years of imprisonment and torture Asterocus was rescued and continued in the campaign against the Children of the Forest. After a few months of revoery they joined an elven battlegroup for the rest of the war, in this group they made many close friends including a swordsman called Dokar Mokiey and a mage called Rathal Elnor. After the sealing away of the Children of the Forest they turned to work travelling the realm fighting threats to the innocent and watching the boundaries of the realm, ready to respond if Asterocus sensed any incoming threats.
A lot of their work has been monster hunting and mercenary work, taking down bandits, thugs, and other more arcane dangers for a bed and some food for the night.

Asterocus became somewhat of a legend, with their long life span and Fae Glammering it was rumored that a series of paladins, dressed in a purple cloak had been created by the gods to protect the people of El-Rah, when in truth it was just one lonely and scared Fae trying to protect their home.

Early History (436 to 117 years ago)
Asterocus was raised by their father in his library on the outskirts of the great Fae city, their mother was a high Fae who had been cast from the hierarchy for falling in love with a wood fae scholar. Both of Asterocus’ parents were very interested in the magical arts and often spent days at a time in the library reading and writing. Together the two studied the arts of healing, alchemy, herbology, blacksmithing, and the arts

Asterocus was never particularly interested in the studies of their parents.

Asterocus was always more interested in playing with the other kids, getting into fights, stealing food, and exploring the woods. They were always a bit wilder than their comrades and often got into fights. Even at a young age Asterocus was fiercely loyal and would do almost anything to prove themself. They were constantly straying into perilous situations and attempting to capture creatures and tame them. Their parents were not impressed with these antics. They believed it was unbecoming of their child to act so rawderly. They wanted Asterocus to focus on the magical arts not playing with stick, and wooden swords with the other kids.

Eventually Asterocus was done. Shortly after their sixteenth birthday they made an escape.

They escaped to the capital of the Everglade and began living on the streets, begging for food and shelter. Eventually they joined the Fae criminal underworld working as an enforcer. It did not take long however for Asterocus to speak out against the unjust behaviour of the crime syndicate.

For this they were to be fed to the beast (The outpost of the syndicate in the capital where Asterocus had worked had procured a dangerous and blood thirsty beast from the dreams of a child. They fed any who opposed them to this creature as entertainment.). The syndicate didn’t take very well to those who believed in a fair fight.

Luckily for Asterocus before they could be escorted to the beast’s enclosure the city guard launched an assault on the groups base. Asterocus was rescued, as they were believed to be an innocent prisoner of the group ( Something they did nothing to dissuade. ).

Shortly after that Asterocus, seeing the elegance and power of the guard signed up for training.

After almost two hundred years they joined the Custodia Regis.