Altain Thrainstone

Basic Info
Name: Altain Thrainstone
Gender: Male
Age: 293
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Player: Hamilton Hall


A bard by trade I hail from the village of Argathon. Unfortunately in my twenty fifth year the village was destroyed at the during El-Rah’s greatest war and as a result of this travesty I was forced to flee.

The Hundred year war as it came to be known forced me from my home, and I lost my family. I prayed to Bajeed the Mother of strength for help and she came to me and had me drink from her Pitcher after I struck a deal with her.

“The Ravages of Time would not Age me, no mortal blade would Fell me until the War was done!
At the closing of the great war my flesh would once again be within reach of mortal steel.
I would continue to elude the sands of time until the day I had finished telling the story of the Great War to each of the races.
I would tell the tale of death and destruction for many years to come in effort to prevent further endless bloodshed.”

I now make my journey to Hyperion in hopes of telling this tale to the Fae king so that I may return to my mortal life so the sands of time may finally begin to fall on me once more and I will eventually be reunited with my family in Egrolas.